Brenda Green has been at the top of her game in the entertainment business as a hair and make-up artist, as well as a mens groomer, for the past 20 years. Brenda works with a variety of celebrities, musicians, athletes, on high end advertising campaigns, commercials, music videos, and fashion/red carpet events. Brenda has extensive knowledge of product lines, and knows the tools, tips, and tricks to accomplish every style technique for both men and women. She knows how to combine her skills with what is unique and natural for each client, creating the strongest possible image for daytime or evening. She can take you creatively as far as you would like to go. Brenda can consolidate, organize and customize travel kits, saving time for people on the go, or those with challenging schedules. Whether it s trying something new, updating a look, experiencing new products and tools, or just reorganizing, Brenda can be your personal artist. She can be there for your special events. She can do your shopping with you or for you, saving you valuable time and money by eliminating the guesswork out of purchasing products. In addition, she will find the correct products for your specific needs and can show you the right ways to use them. Brenda can help you achieve whatever style you desire and teach you how to recreate and maintain the styles for yourself. Whatever your needs, Brenda is your answer.